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Bring your best aesthetics to the stage, with shrink wrapped conditioning.

Strategic Blue Print : Nutrition & Cardio. (supported by science & application)

Cardio and Meal Timing OptimalVascularity and Shrink Wrapped Look
Optimal Peak Week StrategyCarb Loading/ Show Day Guidance

*Both Enhanced and Natural Athletes are amongst current clientele: I do not give drug protocols, but understanding the science behind the mixture of anabolic steroids and nutrition is crucial.

Diet Preferences : Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivorous, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Hypoallergenic
Dieting Types : Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting, IIFYM, Flexible dieting, Carb Cycling, Reverse dieting

*Guidance every step of the way via txt and phone calls with constant communication and accountability is the key.