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Amanda: Dealing with Self-Sabotage through Emotional Eating

At 234 lbs Amanda approached me- hungry for change.
Hungry to break through emotional eating patterns that not only held her back physically, but took a major toll emotionally.
After losing 63 lbs. she continues to find her deeper ‘Why’.

Poor Habits & Lack Of Self-Worth

Years of emotional eating and poor habits led her to a poor relationship with food. One hour of poor choices would lead to continued self sabotage.

Amanda’s impatience and lack of discipline sent her to an emotional dark place of self-worth.


The Solution

  • Emotional Eating was her trigger, whether it be times of sorrow or times to celebrate.
Working hands on at every step, we identified these patterns and found releases that could combat the emotional eating.
  • Amanda was extremely carb intolerant due to years of yo-yo dieting and limits knowledge.
Utilizing the right carbs through her weekly meals. Pushing high carb “refeeds” on the weekends was our strategy.

Impatient for change. Amanda understood that breaking years of bad habits doesn’t happen overnight. When the habits return, being able to combat them and step ahead.



Hungry for Change?

Hands-On Guidance has saved countless lives from the depths of addiction, obesity, poor lifestyles and helped each one carve out a sustainable and optimal health lifestyle.