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Andrew: Breaking the Binge Eating Cycle

Andrew approached me at 320lbs. His main purpose to be healthy was for his kids and family. He wanted change and wanted to break his Binge Eating Disorder but was lost.
Today Andrew continues his journey 60 lbs down and has broken the Binge Eating Disorder!

Dark Days of Binge Eating

Andrew’s emotional connection to food was the only thing he felt like he had control with, when really it was completely out of control. The emotional storms that would follow a binge, would typically keep him in the dark for days and sometimes weeks following it.

The Solution

  • Binge Eating Disorder.
When it comes to B.E.D it has to be attacked from two different aspects: Emotionally and Physically The best way was through a structure that is not too restrictive. Patience and understanding with team work was crucial to break this cycle.
  • Breaking the Cycle.
Getting Andrew to identify the difference between his hunger levels and his emotional hunger was a process that we constantly worked on together. It took intense communication on days that Andrew would end up feeling the need to ‘binge’ and also the hours following the action to get back in the program. He focused then on his family who needed a healthy dad.
  • Over-eating Under-Eating cycle.
What tends to happen as a form or punishment after a binge, it turns into a day or even multiple days of under-eating because of the shame. This typically then turns into another binge followed by another cycle of under-eating.
With full transparency Andrew learned to get right back on plan when he had a binge, and through this process we successfully cured his B.E.D!


Hungry for Change?

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