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Bailey: Getting over Past Failures and Binge Eating

Bailey had already been on a weight loss journey before we started and ended up spiraling back to old ways. At 250 lbs she knew that she wanted to lose it, but was scared that anything she did would end up being regained.
Today Bailey is sustaining the best shape of her life!

Binge Eating Disorder and Breaking the Cycle

Bailey had deep emotional torment in her past that was debilitating and left her facing a fight between depression and anxiety.

This emotional pain was something that food could take her mind off which quickly turned into Binge Eating Disorder.


The Solution

  • Binge Eating Disorder
When it comes to B.E.D it has to be attacked from two different aspects: Emotionally and Physically through a structure that is not too restrictive. Patience and understanding with both of us were crucial to break this cycle.
  • Breaking the Cycle
Getting Bailey to identify the difference between her hunger levels and her emotional hunger was a process that we worked on. It took intense communication on days that she would end up feeling the need to ‘binge’ and also the hours following a ‘binge’.
  • Over-eating Under-Eating cycle
What tends to happen as a form or punishment after a binge—because of the shame —it turns into a day or even multiple days of under-eating. This typically then turns into another binge followed by another cycle of under-eating.
With full transparency, Bailey learned to get right back on plan when she had a binge, and through this process, we successfully cured her B.E.D!


Hungry for Change?

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