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224 lb Bonnie had one goal when she came to me and that was: “Shedding for her Wedding”!
Little did she know the emotional barriers that it would take to break in order to get into the shape for her wedding.
We broke those barriers and at 169 lbs she happily stepped forward three months before she said “I do”!

The Weight of Emotional Baggage

Bonnie has struggled with her weight her whole life. Because of the emotional scars that she had been deeply burying these memories.

Bonnie had almost forgotten what got her into her current 224 lb body. She had several health ailments to address.


The Solution

  • Bonnie had a crazy schedule with the wedding planning, working full time and purchasing her first home.
We put together a weekly plan that could cater to being ‘on the go’ and also used hands on guidance when schedules quickly changed.
  • She was overly anxious that she wouldn’t look her best on her wedding day. Being clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression, Bonnie was more susceptible to fragility.
I continued to show her that her anxiety, that triggered other symptoms, would lead to emotional eating. This cycle would never help her case to be ready for the wedding. The anxiety dissipated each time we hit different hurdles together.
  • Bonnie thought if she lost the weight she would be happy.
Through the process, Bonnie learned that there was incredible emotional baggage that had to be worked through each and every step of her journey.
Otherwise, she would never sustain the weight loss nor would she be happy when she got to her goal weight.


Hungry for Change?

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