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Cecila: Food Intolerances and GI Stress

Between gluten intolerances and several GI issues Cecila could not figure out what worked for her when it came to the weight loss. Paying close attention to detail we have successfully figured out what’s working for her.
She has gone from 177 lbs to 150 lbs and we continue to work together.

Food Intolerances and GI distress

Being from Louisiana the high calorie high fat soul food has always been a staple for Cecila. Between her poor eating habits and lack of self care being an entrepreneur, her health was constantly neglected.


The Solution

  • Intolerances and GI distress.
We worked together to identify her food intolerances. With strategic structure we found what worked best for her digestion. This goes hand in hand with weight loss.
  • Entrepreneurship and working around the clock.
With the stress of entrepreneurship we had to find a structure of meals that worked well for Cecila’s busy schedule. We also realized the importance of sleep and water intake. Oftentimes stress brings water retention.
  • Results take time.
Throughout our process Cecila learned that weight loss is much deeper than a scale number and working through deep emotional wounds was crucial.
She also learned that patience is everything if you want to accomplish anything and achieve sustainability.


Hungry for Change?

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