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Christian: A Successful Transition To Bodybuilding

Christian had worked extremely hard to get to 191 after changing his lifestyle. Now he wanted to transition to the bodybuilding stage. His transformation is 24 lbs gained on the scale through a step process of almost two years.

His goal was to put on muscle and do accomplish the right way without extreme body fat gain.

Breaking Past Habits

The lifestyle change was always a problem for Chris. Between his environment of fast party life and his desire to better himself was a constant battle.

There is no easy way to break past habits and oftentimes relationships do not enhance your ‘best’. Chris was ready and chose to do the needful.


The Solution

  • Chris only knew what it was like to focus on losing weight and had no knowledge of how to put on the “right weight”.
We structured in food sources that were calorically dense, that could cater to meals that were not nearly as large as he had imagined.
  • His hectic work schedule made it hard for him to take in the amount of food that is required for a surplus and eating a lot was his fear.
We created his nutrition plan for meals that take minimal prep, easy on the go and also had a list of go to options from restaurant menus.
  • The struggle of lifestyle change
Chris needed accountability and emotional support not only to not break poor habits but to change his environment that was not beneficial for success.
I witnessed him do this painfully one step at a time and he continues his road to the pro stage today!


Hungry for Change?

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