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Dominic: Right Diet For Stage Ready

Dominic came to me after his “Online Coach” left him hanging just four weeks before his show. 
With a daunting task, I took him on to get him to stage ready where he took 1st place!

Finding Focus and Optimal Diet Plan

Dominic’s consistency between lifestyle and living the part life was his Achilles heal for a very long time. The environment that was destructive for him was also comfortable.


The Solution

  • With four weeks to step on stage Dominic had a lackluster plan that would derail him into being peak shape for the show.
We worked intentionally to set an aggressive plan that would allow him to achieve the needed shape.
  • Peak Week (More commonly known as the week before the show).
It takes incredible manipulations with water and sodium in order to look great. We ironed out the details that made his physique pop, and skin paper thin (which is only achievable if you truly stage ready).
  • Lack of Focus
Because of Dominic’s environment, he was constantly fighting for focus. I continued to speak perspective into what his goals were vs living for the moment. Because of his focus and determination we were able to execute a first place finish!


Hungry for Change?

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