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Drew: A Busy Entrepreneur Finds Optimal Health

Drew, a busy entrepreneur wanted to be more active but lacked any sort of motivation or energy at 220lbs.

Today he is at 195 lbs and continues to live out sustainable lifestyle change.

Hectic Schedules and Self-Neglect

For many Years drew neglected his health. It was always the last priority as he was focused in on entrepreneurship. It’s common with working 100 hour weeks, self neglect can be easy to do. This self neglect continued to worsen Drew’s health and hold him back from truly experiencing the freedoms Optimal Health brings.


The Solution

  • No time to eat
Drew has to force structure that worked best for his schedules so that he would not under eat through the day leading to a Binge later on.
  • Over-eating-Under-eating cycle

Drew had to learn transparency. If he had a day that he over ate, learning to communicate and also get right back into the plan instead of underrating the following days was important. (That under Eating the next days typically leads to over eating again, creating a vicious cycle).

  • Nothing works unless you do

Through this process Drew has realized how nutrition affects state of mind and energy levels which are so important when it comes to executing goals in other areas of his life!



Hungry for Change?

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