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Faith: Transforming Out of Carb-Based Diet

Faith at 60kgs was all the way in Singapore (Southeast Asia) and she has no idea whether Hands in Guidance could help her because of the different type of food resources there.
She knew she wanted to lose the weight but with every plan she had bought from “online coaches”, never once did they cater to what was available for her where she was located.
My experience with international clients allowed her to find exactly what worked for her and she is now continuing at 55kgs.

Going Against the Norm

With Asian culture, it is not the “norm” to be overweight. The social pressures for the faith were creating depression and disappointment that was keeping her in a constant cycle of yo-yoing because she never once was losing weight for the right reasons.


The Solution

  • The Asian culture is very carb heavy and that was always a problem for Faith
Through the process, we worked on her body becoming more efficient with carbs and she learned the carb sources that worked best for her hunger, energy and digestion.
  • Faith was constantly bloated and holding onto water retention
We uncovered that she was gluten and dairy intolerant. She also learned the importance of her water intake and how it affects her water retention.
  • Social pressures to be in a certain shape was a standard that Faith always felt she couldn’t live up to.
The deeper we dug emotionally, Faith realized that she had to lose this weight for her. Not for others. Not to be accepted.
Once she began to do it for herself and the right reasons this allowed the weight to come off and this affected her state of mind greatly.


Hungry for Change?

Hands-On Guidance has saved countless lives from the depths of addiction, obesity, poor lifestyles and helped each one carve out a sustainable and optimal health lifestyle.

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