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James: An Unhealthy Lifestyle

James was tired of being the out of shape kid on the wrestling team. At 17 years old and weighing 225 lbs he decided to reach out and start his journey. 
Today James had learned what works for him and is at 197 lbs and a healthy team member.

Struggle to make Healthy Choices

Without control of his resources his home environment and school environment made it incredibly easy for James to struggle with getting healthy options.
The only thing james knew about health was that you had to eat salads and he couldn’t ever adhere to anything so extreme.

The Solution

  • School lunches and snacking was James hardest time of the day to eat healthy.
He learned how to create healthy meals that were incredibly easy to make. They not only soothed his cravings but they gave him something to look forward to around all the unhealthy options at his fingertips.
  • Understanding hunger vs habit.
The more in sync James became with his body, he was able to understand whether he was physically hungry or it was an engrained habit.
  • Losing the weight for the right reasons.
As we continued to dig deeper, James realized that he had to lose the weight for the right reasons. At such a young age it’s easy to want to lose weight for the girls or acceptance.
When James saw the huge impact these choices made on his state of mind, things clicked.


Hungry for Change?

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