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Maria: 68 Year Old Breast Cancer Survivor

Maria’s daughter came to me seeking help for her mother. Being a breast cancer survivor, With a serious case of fibromyalgia she was desperate to see her symptoms healed not just with medication but with a diet that could add many benefits to Her long list of health challenges.
Maria is down 47 lbs, and now sustaining her healthy weight with controlled symptoms from the fibromyalgia!

A Long List of Health complication

The list of health complication Maria has faced over a decade not only left her feeling hopeless, but she had absolutely no idea what her diet should be with a lack of attention from the registered dietitians, which unfortunately is a major flaw within the healthcare system.

At 68 she wanted to do one thing she had neglected throughout her journey and that was address her nutrition.

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The Solution

  • Fibromyalgia was a major factor for Maria and effected everything from weight, to energy, to horrible side effects of the medication.
We worked together fervently on special dietary preferences that would not only effect her side effects and inflammation, but create a shift in her overall health and energy!
  • Hispanic roots and her family traditions created a plethora of unhealthy recipes that were a staple.
We worked to create meals and recreate recipes that would emulate similar meals with half the calories.
  • At 68, Maria felt she had tried everything but was losing the battle to her health conditions.
We worked to form a disdain against escaping life’s problems with destructive choices.
This played a major role with weight loss and his state of mind.


Hungry for Change?

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