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Melissa: On-the-go Diet Plans for Constant Travel

Melissa, a college professor, approached me not for major weight loss, but for more knowledge with the nutrition. Her goal was to maintain her 80 lbs of prior weight loss.

We took her to her goal weight of 160 and now she maintains that today!

Constant Travel and Hectic Career

With a hectic schedule of college teaching and traveling the world, Melissa struggles with winning outside of her comfort zone and different time zones. She knew how to successfully lose weight. 

Her challenge was she needed knowledge for maintenance and successfully lifestyle changes.


The Solution

  • Her career kept her too busy to eat much of the time and that would lead to overeating late at night.
We created a structure of quick and simple meals on the go that she could have through classes. This kept her satiated throughout the day and broke the habit of overeating at night.
  • Traveling the world
Through the work we did on various menus, Melissa gained confidence on how best to eat not dependent on geographical locations. She stretched outside comfort and time zones and found success.
  • Lack of knowledge with nutrition
With every client I work with, it’s important that they don’t just run through the motions, but actually, learn why they’re doing what they’re doing. The science is important when it comes to weight loss, however, the application is where it counts.
Melissa learned a lot through a short time and is now better equipped to maintain!


Hungry for Change?

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