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Mohammed: The Right Nutrition For A Balanced Lifestyle

At 263 lbs, Mohammed started in the gym regularly with the long cardio and the long-winded workouts. He could not ever seem to get his nutrition in sync with his work ethic in the gym.

His biggest fear was to start this during Ramadan (40 days of fasting for Muslims) but knew if he waited, he would never start.

Courage To Find Balance

As a youth, Mohammed was always the “bigger” kid. When he got into high school he finally hit his growth spurt and was in the best shape of his life.

College life and work life took him from 190lbs to 263lbs in a few short years.


The Solution

  • Resources were a concern for Mohammed because of his pay wages in south India.
Because of my experience with resources in Asia we put together a budget-friendly plan to cut down his stress.
  • Mohammed had extreme lethargy which he could only assume was depression.
Because of my experience with health ailments, we found that he had a thyroid condition. Getting his thyroid balanced greatly changed his energy levels.
  • With his faith background, Ramadan was a major trigger for him. Muslims fast all day and feast after sunset. 
We worked intentionally around these schedules to avoid any weight regain and continued to progress.
He realized if he can lose weight during this time, he could continue and lose weight any time.


Hungry for Change?

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