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Nareg: Breaking Unhealthy Food Choices

Nareg approached me to work with him on his journey but was fearful that he would regain just like the multiple times before. We changed that with each step as we worked together. We were able to lose 45 lbs in our time.
Today Nareg continues his journey in the best shape of his life!

Finding Balance

Nareg loved to be social, which typically dictated what he would do with his choices that affected his health. The struggle to find balance in living life and lifestyle change was excruciating for him.

The Solution

  • During our work together his home was under construction which resulted in eating out for weeks at a time.
I showed him how to win eating out. We kept a weekly structure in order to give his body a chance to adapt when it came to energy, hunger and digestion.
  • Alcohol
Social drinking was a huge part of Nareg’s lifestyle. Instead of cutting it out completely—which was not practical, we worked alternative drinks that would minimize damage. We also broke the habit of correlating the drinking to overeating, which was a big hurdle.
  • Lifestyle change vs living his life.
Nareg’s biggest struggle was creating sustainable lifestyle change and still feeling like he was living.
We had to find the balance between what he wanted vs his past comfort zones that got him into his current shape.


Hungry for Change?

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