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Rachel: Breaking Past Plateaus

Rachel approached at 270lbs and had already lost an incredible amount of weight before we started our work together. 
Being able to lose another 65lbs of weight, Rachel is in best form continuing her journey today.

Plateaus and Spiralling Backwards

One thing Rachel knew was that her journey would be long and would take incredible patience. The more knowledgeable she became the more weight she continued to lose. 

Rachel hit a plateau and she began to spiral backwards.


The Solution

  • Work schedules made it difficult for her to eat around proper meal timings which typically ended in over eating at nights.
We found a structure that catered around her work times adding back up meals when she would under eat during the day.
  • Breaking plateaus.
Rachel thought if she had one week without loss that meant a plateau. She learned that consistency and structure was the only way to understand a real plateau.
  • Trusting the Process.
Because Rachel had lost so much on her own, letting go and trusting my process that was far different than she was used to was difficult. Stepping out of her comfort zone allowed her to learn that there is not just one way to lose weight. There is a huge difference between optimal sustainable and unsustainable weight loss.


Hungry for Change?

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