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Randy: 20 Years Fighting Obesity Compounded By Health Ailments

At 685, forty eight year old Randy had one choice to make. Either give up on life, or to fight and prove that life is worth living!
He chose life and is now down to 542 lbs and will not stop here!

Lymphedema, Diabetes, High BP & Sleep Apnea

A culmination of twenty years of compounded weight gain left Randy in a dark place that seemed impossible to return from.
With a long list of health complications and surrounded by friends and family members who were also struggling, Randy reached out for help.

The Solution

  • From Lymphedema (painful swelling in the legs), pre-diabetic, high BP, and sleep apnea there was a long list of health ailments to address.
Nutrition is the main key that yields positive results when it comes to health markers.
Our major focus was not only the weight loss but how his body was responding through every step of the process.
  • With an insatiable appetite, snacking, binging and emotional eating were all factors.
Structured meal timings with high volume/ slow digesting meals were our focus. Appeasing his cravings along with guidance while eating out helped Randy learn how to win.

Randy’s fear of failure can be consuming. Every time he has stumbled in this process, it has been crucial to keep reminding him that this journey will never be linear. Randy continues to gain victory one time at a time.


Hungry for Change?

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