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Rio: Yo-yo Dieting & Busy Schedules

At 252 lbs, Rio approached me with very little hope that she could break the yo-yo dieting she had been accustomed to for a very long time.
Today she has found exactly what works for her 44lbs down!

Years of Emotional Eating

Years of compounded emotional eating with poor planning landed her in the worst shape of her life. She wanted to figure out what worked for her but she had an incredibly hard time with all of the conflicting information which led from one fad diet to another all unsuccessful.


The Solution

  • Time schedules with work were difficult for Rio working around the clock.
We worked together to work 4 ingredient recipe meals that were easy to make and hit her taste buds at the same time.
  • Travel for work left Rio with very little resources to prep.

Through Rios travels we worked hands on with menus so she could learn how to win outside of the structured plan we created for when she was home.

  • Fad diets were all she knew.
Through the process Rio learned a a plethora of nutrition knowledge that dispelled so much of the conflicting information and she is now well equipped as she steps ahead on her own!


Hungry for Change?

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