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Sari: Learning to Cope with Menopause

Sari approached me with very little hope that she could lose weight. What we uncovered through the process was incredibly deep rooted habits that needed to be broken, and we did just that! 
Today, Sari is living out lifestyle change at 127 lbs!

Attacking Menopause Symptoms

Through her younger years, Sari relied on her genetics and metabolism. As the years went by her metabolism slowed down. However, her habits still remained the same. As menopause set in, the weight piled on and she had no idea how to turn this around at 52 years old.


The Solution

  • Menopause
Menopausal symptoms vary differently from female to female. Increased cravings, heavy water retention and lethargy are common. Sari also fought depression.
  • Attacking the Symptoms
We created sweet tooth killers that were healthy alternatives to what she would normally choose when the cravings would set in.
Understanding the importance of water and cutting down on her caffeine was important for Sari. Setting up the correct nutrition along with supplementation played a huge role in her energy levels. This combatted the depression that was prevalent for Sari.
  • Fear of maintaining weight loss
We worked intentionally on setting her up for success when it came to maintaining her goal weight. Losing weight and maintaining are two very different animals. Today she maintains lifestyle change!


Hungry for Change?

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