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Teri: Quest For The 'Right' Diet

Teri at 59 years old had tried and been successful with many diets over the years. That was the problem as she was an able to maintaining her weight loss.
I worked to show her that it is possible taking her from 159 lbs to a healthy 137 lbs and now we are working to maintain!

Sustenance and Patience

Teri’s lack of knowledge with what works for her left her unable to grasp sustainable lifestyle change.

This created confusion and she wanted to understand the process customized for her.


The Solution

  • Very selective over her food choices
Because clients have very different preferences, we worked to nail her taste buds.
  • Lacking patience
Teri began to understand that the faster you lose it is much harder to maintain. However, the slower and more patient you are, the more possible it is to have a sustainable life change.
  • Lack of knowledge with nutrition
With every client I work with, it’s important for me that they don’t just run through the motions, but actually learn why they’re doing what they’re doing. Yes, the science is important when it comes to weight loss, but application is where it counts.
Teri learned much in a short time and is now better equipped to maintain!


Hungry for Change?

Hands-On Guidance has saved countless lives from the depths of addiction, obesity, poor lifestyles and helped each one carve out a sustainable and optimal health lifestyle.

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