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Tiana: Getting Over Sugar Addiction

Tiana had been on multiple weight loss journeys before losing 100 lbs and regaining it al back. She feared failure but she was determined to start losing the weight again at 360lbs.
Today she is at 315lbs with a drive to continue to reach a health body!

Sugar and Quick Fix Shortcuts

Seeking the quick fix shortcut was Tiana’s past when it came to her weight loss. She had success but fell into the statistic that “93% of all weight loss journeys end up regaining all of the weight back just 6 weeks after weight loss”.

She decided one more avenue for success.


The Solution

  • Over eating/under eating cycle.
In the past Tiana would over eat, and in turn under eat the days to follow that would turn into another over eating episode. This is pattern we worked to break, by getting right back up if poor past habits resurfaced.
  • Struggled with the sweet tooth.
We worked to create meals that killed sweet tooth cravings without slowing down her progress.
  • Results take time.
Throughout our process Tiana learned that weight loss is much deeper than a scale number and working through deep emotional wounds was crucial.
She also learned that patience is everything if you want to accomplish anything and see sustainability.


Hungry for Change?

Hands-On Guidance has saved countless lives from the depths of addiction, obesity, poor lifestyles and helped each one carve out a sustainable and optimal health lifestyle.

Sustainable Weight Loss Program