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Vera: Dealing with PCOS and Depression

Vera, a new mother, had gained ‘baby weight’ that she could not seem to rid. She approached me with skepticism because the last plan she bought was ‘cookie cutter’ and it did nothing for her but add to her frustrations.
Vera lost 24 lbs and found exactly what works for her as she continues her healthy journey today!

PCOS and Postpartum Depression

With postpartum depression, and gained ‘baby weight’ Vera has never dealt with anything like this before. She had struggled with PCOS for much of her life and had successfully learned to deal with that condition. This was new territory for her.


The Solution

  • Vera’s symptoms of PCOS made it a struggle to lose weight. The important factors were selecting foods that did not trigger the PCOS.
Because the medications for her PCOS added to water retention and bloating, increased water intake was crucial. Added cravings that came with PCOS were sweets, so we tailored sweet meals with fewer sugars to satisfy these cravings.
  • Postpartum depression
We increased vitamin D which played a major role in this condition, as it does with seasonal depression as well.
  • With the many factors of PCOS, the depression and the baby weight Vera had defeated herself in her mind.
A positive state of mind is crucial. The way you talk to yourself is vital throughout the process. We worked hard at turning perspective from the cup being half empty, to the cup being half full and this allowed the weight loss to closely follow!


Hungry for Change?

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