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Breaking Addiction

Revelations On Addiction, Inspiring Stories and Advice On How To Get Your Life Back

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5 and half years ago, I couldn’t go a single day without a drink. A single day without drugs. A single day without those destructive escapes that were decimating my life and affecting everyone around me. 

In a place that was hopeless

Back in 2007, I was playing youth soccer in Brazil, on the top of my game. Chasing big dreams.

I had a long distance relationship, high school sweetheart if you want to call it that. We broke up and overnight, I walked away from it all. From soccer. from my dreams. I spiraled into wanting to escape the choices I made and a year later, I had fallen deep into addiction and gained 210 lbs. In a year.

I went from 143 lbs to 356 lbs and that made me want to escape even more. The drugs. The alcohol. Deeper. And deeper.

Escape into addictions

6 months later, I transitioned into the fashion industry. A scary place to be for a 356 lbs man. I strived against the norm and steadily built my new career – worked with everybody from Justin Beiber to Katy Perry to Kanye West. I was the wealthiest and most successful I ever was in my life. The insecurity and past choices however, still had a hold on me. 

“I am gonna die today…”

It was 2012. I was on the 31st floor of my penthouse office balcony. I had everything. And yet, I had nothing. I had a 100 painkillers in my stream along with a full bottle of Vodka. 

It was by the grace of God that I woke up the next day. It was the by grace of that one friend I had – the one that saved me. 


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A week later, I was back to work. And addiction. My family was shattered every step of the way. It was even more painful because our family bond has always been very strong. I can’t tell you the amount of times, I got in the car, completely waste and would pick my mom up to take her for dinner. She would go home that night and get down on her knees, in tears, broken… and pray. Pray that, God, please save Noah from what he doing to himself or take him early; before he kills himself or somebody else.

The last fall

2013, December 31st.
I went to bed with 7 million dollars in my bank account; woke up the next day and had zero. Absolutely zero. My business partner had fled the country with every penny. I lost the house, office, the cars… everything. I had to turn myself in for financial crime investigations. If convicted, I was looking at 20 years.

It was my reckless lifestyle that allowed me to continue to be in that place. At that time, I said to myself – If I can’t get sober now, if I can’t start facing life head on, I will never be able to. 

That day, January 6th, was the last day, I ever touched a bottle of alcohol. Last time I ever had a painkiller. Last time I ever snorted a line of cocaine.

Start building your story

Your past pain has an incredible opportunity. To build your testimony. You may not be feeling that right now. You may feel deflated right now.
Don’t think about what you going to be 5 years from now. Don’t worry about chapter 30. Worry about chapter 1 right now. Because every single chapter will teach you lessons about yourself. About who you are. And how you need to stay on your path. 
As I step forward today, I’m able to share my testimony of the power of support, of your faith and the power of making every single little decision and choice count. 

Just a little bit

For anyone who is in the pit of addiction; who does not know how they are going to be able to climb out -I encourage you- to start to turn your perspective – just a little bit. Start to turn your choices just a little bit. It doesn’t have to be everything changed overnight. But the moment you make one step after the other after the other – you will begin to change from the inside out. 
Life is so worth it. There is so much to live for. 


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