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Sustaining lifestyle change

To Have A Weight Loss Transformation

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Nutritionist Noah J. Kingery talks on Conquer Your Mountain Podcast. Host Jeremy Reid (@JeremyReidFitness) is a professional transformation coach who has fought the battle all his clients face. After losing 130 lbs naturally he became incredibly passionate about helping others.

Now to the podcast!

It Starts with You

Utilize other people in your life – be it family or close friends – but learn to walk on your own. If they become a crutch too long, you will find it impossible to reach your goal on your own.

Working with 50 clients in the US and 50 clients overseas, I have seen how passion or motivation come and go. The one thing that can remain constant is PURPOSE.

Purpose refuels me. It keeps me steady. Find your middle ground between motivation and low point. 

Find out how Hands-On Guidance helps you overcome your addictions and gain back the confidence and will to attain Optimal Health.

It’s alright to fall

There will be days that can’t get up. There will be days you will fall. 

Get back up. No matter what.

Start to face things head-on. Be transparent with your struggles. Look in the mirrow and ask yourself – are you where you want to be? Fixate on doing this and it will be become a reflex every time you fall or lose your way.

Pain and Pleasure

Start connecting your destructive behaviors to pain and absolute disdain.

“How did I feel the day after that binge?”  

“How did I feel after that weekend bender?”

The shame and guilt without a doubt will always find you after those poor decisions. And they will get added to the problems you already have.

Acknowledge the times you did things right. The morning after the night you did NOT binge. How did you feel? Focus on that feeling and magnify it to train your mind to automatically respond to right decisions.

How to Sustain Lifestyle Change

Being intentional, motivated and disciplined are all need to bring about complete shift in lifestyle. Find your ‘why’ which will drive you and keep you focused.

To remember:

  1. You cannot change what you haven’t done right.
  2. Build your support system and build your transparency. Let go of the ego and pride. 
  3. Lifestyle change isn’t a destination that once you reach, you are done. It’s ongoing as you change and evolve yourself into a better self.

Make Intentional Choices

Every single decision or choice has a consequence-whether it be seen right away or years later. 

Start being intentional and aware of choices you make. Every little one matters.


Hungry for Change?

Hands-On Guidance has saved countless lives from the depths of addiction, obesity, poor lifestyles and helped each one carve out a sustainable and optimal health lifestyle.

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