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Set the Tone for 2020

Tips to Win through the Holidays

Podcast Interview with Brad Jensen (Key Nutrition)


2020 is here!

The Holidays remain one of the biggest challenging times for anyone looking to change or maintain a lifestyle change to optimal health. Brad Jensen talks to Noah about the different tips and ideas to navigate the season in a strategic and intuitive way so you don’t lose out on your health and diet plans. 

Are you a 'New Year's 'Resolutioner'?

So you’re thinking – 2019 hasn’t been good. January 2020 everything will be better…

Take a look into the mirror and ask yourself – are you where you want to be? Seriously – look deep down inside and find the real reason you wish to be change your life. I am not talking about your waist line or your scale number and making your family proud.

Many times, we tell ourselves that we will start next Monday or next Month or the New Year. Know this – the motivation you have right now, may not be there tomorrow. It is your true reason and hunger for change that actually inspires action and keep you focussed.

The right time to start… is NOW. Step into the New Year with the conviction and purpose and tools you need to have a successful year ahead.  Start today… start now!

Go Deeper than just Weight Loss

Don’t just focus on one or two things in your life to change or better for 2020. Take a step back and list down right now ALL the things that you need to work on. Is it the boring job or bad relationship that you wish to change? Write that down. 

Having a more rounded plan to improving your life will give you a better view of what exactly you need to do in order to keep things sustainable. Having just one or two aspects to change might not be thorough enough as they may become less important or ‘in the way’ of your life routines.

Don't 'checkout' on your Plans because of a Single Mistake

Don’t let one bad day take over the whole week of your plans. Same goes for one bad hour making you throw away the whole day.

This behavioral pattern becomes even more apparent during the holidays – when one meal can lead to two days of binge eating. Let me remind that when you ‘checkout’ on your diet plan, you are also giving up on your state of mind, your confidence and the goals that you set for yourself. Think about how you would feel the next morning after successfully controlling your urges last night. 

How to lay out Plans for Christmas or New Year's Eve

Do it different this year. Start Jan 1st on a positive and healthy note. Don’t wait for Jan 3rd or an upcoming Monday. Enjoy your day on Christmas or New Year’s Eve without tracking or overthinking your food choices. The following day – take one meal where you are enjoying yourself and then, the next day, get right back into your plan. This way, you aren’t feeling completely isolated from the festivities and you get to stick to your plan without losing control.

Alcohol through the Holidays

Alcohol is definitely going to all around and part of every occasion during the holidays. If you know that having that drink is going to spiral you into overeating – don’t drink. Know yourself better and be prepared to make sacrifices so that you can reach your goal or stick to your plan. 

" Setting ridiculously high expectations for yourself is setting yourself up for failure. "
Hands-On Guidance-Nutrition Plans fo Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Lose Weight
Noah J. Kingery

Overcoming Gym Fear

Are you still struggling to get yourself to the gym? 

The holidays are the best time to overcome your gym fear. Reason? The gyms are quite empty during the holidays. So pack that power drink and gym bag and head out straight to gym. Keep the focus on your goals and don’t let the fear overpower your motivation.

Finding a Deeper Reason for Change

If the reason for you losing weight isn’t deep enough, it will not be sustainable.

DON’T want to lose the weight to prove people around wrong. DON’T lose weight just to get a beach body.

FIND the a deeper reason and you will not have to fight with yourself to justify your own mission.

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