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'Power' State of Mind

Discussion on Weight Loss, Addiction, Lifestyle Change, and Motivation

Podcast Interview with Mark Bell - "Power Project"

From Transformation to Inspiration

Noah Kingery transformed his life through nutrition from weighing 356 lbs to 190 lbs. But it was no easy road to get there. He dealt with depression and addiction along the way, and was able to pull himself out of it when he lost everything. He has been sober since 2013 and is now on a mission to guide others to unlock their own freedoms through hands-on guidance and emotional support. His passion and purpose is to see others experience the freedom that optimal health can bring, just like it did for him.

356 lbs and Invisible

I know what it feels like to be 356 lbs, at the gym and feeling everyone is looking right through me. It’s a hard emotional place to be – where you have no support; no one understands the place I was in.

Today, I’m in the best shape of my life and now people compliment me on my success. I wish I had this support and encouragement when I needed it the most.

Never let the way a person looks for you seeing them as an individual with unique experiences and story to tell. Everybody deserves a smile and words of encouragement.

Deal with your pressures, don’t run

I gained 210 lbs in a year. Along with food which was my main escape, alcohol and drugs became addictions as well.

Running away from your problems will never put them away. They will remain and might even spawn new ones.

If you stand your ground and use positive reinforcement of habit to face your problems, it will enhance the person you are.

Failing Forward

“Just build discipline and you will lose weight”.

Easier said that done. It take failing forward with building discipline to break habits and change lifestyle.

If you take 3 steps forward and fall one step back, you are still 2 steps ahead if you get right back up. Don’t let the shame and guilt pull you down further and away from your goals.

Find your Support System

There were many times, I woke up at the front door of my parents’ house, my car side swiped and no idea how I got there.

It was my family’s undying love and support that gave me the strength to break the chains of addictions and poor lifestyle and move past into a healthier life.

Find the right support system for your lifestyle change. Get rid of the ‘Yes men’ and toxic relationships. Build true and meaningful relationships with friends or family who will support and hold you accountable on your journey.

Live in the moment

We are always looking forward and wanting more and raising our expectations – from others and ourselves. A client loses 5 lbs and is not happy because she wanted to lose 7 lbs. I ask her to focus on the positive and celebrate what she actually achieved – a few pounds of weight that she never lost before.

Maintain a positive attitude toward victories and wins, now matter how small they may be.

" It is not about weight loss. It is about your state of mind "
Hands-On Guidance-Nutrition Plans fo Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Lose Weight
Noah J. Kingery

Staying the course

Between my addiction and financial fraud investigations with me possibly ending in jail for 20 years, I had to make a conscious decision for ‘fight or flight’.  When you have everything turned against you, the onus is on you to face and change or run away and give up.

Build a deep and absolute disdain for the poor life style or health choices. Develop the positive pleasure of making the right decisions and choices.

Taking shortcuts

Be it with weight loss, business or any venture – if you take a shortcut, and you fall down – you have no way of knowing how to get back up and keep going.

What Hands-On Guidance means

I work with 100 Clients – 50 from the United States and 50 from countries all over the world.

Hands-On Guidance is an Optimal Health-Lifestyle Change program that uses Nutrition as the vehicle along with the Emotional Support that is essential to breaking habits, overcoming triggers and submitting to the process for long term sustainable change.

I work with Weekly Nutrition Plans and Guidance-on-the-go – which is assisting clients in real-life scenarios that do happen outside any well made plan.

The Emotional Guidance is what I consider the most crucial aspect of the program – my own weightless journey and struggles with food and addictions help me identify with others in their own struggles.

Finding a Deeper Reason for Change

I lost 143 lbs in 9 months to regain it all back a year later. I failed at trying to lose weight many many times. I was able to stay from alcohol and drugs – but it true motivation was not deep enough.

If the reason for you losing weight isn’t deep enough, it will not be sustainable.

DON’T want to lose the weight to prove people around wrong. DON’T lose weight just to get a beach body.

FIND the a deeper reason and you will not have to fight with yourself to justify your own mission.

Breaking Habits take Time

Remember – whether its your habit of overeating or being late – breaking habits take time. If you are struggling to change, you are NOT a failure. These habits have taken years to form – it will take years to slowly but surely break them down completely.

The Perfect Time to Start

You hear this all the time.

“I will start when I…”

“I will do that after I…”

“I’m gonna start on Monday….”

That Monday is not going to come.

There is no perfect time to start anything. If you are really hungry for change, you have to start now. Show yourself how bad you need to change and take control of your life. Find the middle ground – the discipline and consistency to stick to your goals.

How to Start Lifestyle Change

It’s not about the weight loss or weight gain. Its about how you feel – the state of your mind.

Decide on your goal and start with two things:
A deep and clear reason for change

Transparency – If you are not being completely honest with yourself, you might end up in uncontrollable spirals and frequent disappointments.

A good Support System to keep you motivated and accountable

A well structured plan to stick to and make adjustments as you learn more about yourself through your journey.

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