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Paying It Foward With Passion

My Name is Noah Kingery. My story is much deeper than an extreme 190 lb weight-loss now turned Nutritionist. While most may know my story of leaving professional soccer, spiraling into addiction, gaining 210 lbs in a year to then breaking addiction and completely transforming my life. I want to shed light on why I am here.

My journey starts in 2007, in the best shape of my life playing professional soccer in Brazil. A year later with the death of dreams, I was 356 lbs. (+212 lbs in a year, yes you read that right). It took me a year to lose 150 lbs through extreme dieting and unsustainable methods.

Fall from grace

From there I spiraled into 5 years of crippling addiction, self-neglect and depression that led to attempted suicide.

Fast forward to 2014, life brought to my knees after losing absolutely everything from financial wealth to the love and support of those who cared deeply for me. This was the time that I realized, “

Rise from the ashes

I began piecing my life together with the grit and determination to pull myself out of the mess that I created. I knew it would be the hardest thing I ever did.

It took me a year and a half to torch 190 lbs and I now stand  5 half years sober, living intentionally in this lifestyle change.

Clarity of Vision

Nutrition was everything to my transformation. Through the process, I learned exactly what worked for me, which led to a desire to understand the science and application behind nutrition so that I could work with others on their transformations.

As I got certified by the State and ISSA in Sports Nutrition, I realized that knowledge and application were two very different things when it came to working others on sustainable lifestyle change.

Although I identify with the struggles and have had redemption in my own story, I wanted to guide others to unlock their own freedoms through hands-on guidance and emotional support.

Paying it forward

Hands-on Guidance and Accountability through Nutrition was created as I pour into others’ journeys as it is my main mission to touch those who currently walk the shoes that I once did.

This is my calling, this is my passion and more importantly, it is my purpose to see others experience the freedom that optimal health can bring.


I have been there...

I can identify with where you are


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