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Abel-Cover Pic


Abel has not seen the weighing scale under 200 lbs. since he was thirteen years old. At the age of twenty, at 287 lbs, he desired to wear “normal clothes” and “fit in” and feel comfortable in social settings.

Today Abel weighs 184 lbs, and is 103 lbs. down!

Constant Bullying & Late night Binge Eating

With a long line of family obesity, environment made it extremely difficult to be healthy.
Through constant bullying, Abel suffered with low self esteem and basically gave up.

His weight continued to hold him back from truly experiencing what life could offer.

After witnessing my transformation, we teamed up to show that age has nothing to do with optimal health.
Today she weights 146 bs, 107 lbs down!

The Solution

  • Fast food became an addiction for Abel as it was the “easy way” to eat on a budget and tasted “so good”! We planned healthy alternatives that catered to cravings. He realized how much he actually saved without the daily fast food runs.
  • His home environment enabled poor food choices with a plethora of unhealthy options at his fingertips. Setting up a structure of meals that did not take a lot of time and preparation was the key to stay on track.
  • Late night binge eating was a habit that he had built for many years. We did not immediately break this habit; however every time he had victory over the urges he began to understand the strength of his will power. Transparency through this accountability eventually led to breaking the habit of the bingeing.



Hungry for Change?

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