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Caleb: Fighting Depression and Binge Eating

Caleb was inspired and motivated when he first approached me at 430 lbs. I knew this fire perhaps would fizzle out soon. I encouraged him to start immediately and not wait for the ‘perfect time’. There is no such thing.
He followed suit and is down to 370lbs today!

Losing Hope With Binge Eating

With a past of depression and binge eating Caleb had lost all hope that he would ever lose the weight. This feeling of hopelessness created deeper rooted habits that seemed impossible to break.

The Solution

  • Binge eating and the shame that follows.
Through our process we found multiple meal options that soothed his cravings. The times that Caleb has fallen back into old patterns he discovered something very important. Allowing one hour of poor choices turn into 24 hours fuels the habits even stronger. Immediately getting get right back up was the key.
  • Guilt and Shame.
Caleb’s biggest struggle has been the guilt and shame, because he didn’t want to “let me down.” The more Caleb understood that this was a team effort. In order to play my part in communicating he must play his part. This has brought more transparency through the process.
  • Lack of listening ears who can identify has been an Achilles heel for him.
Having those in your life who not only listen but can identify with you is major.
It has been an honor to play my part in this for Caleb and he continues his forward weight loss journey.


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