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Jade: The Achilles Heal Called Emotional Eating

Jade at 39 yrs old had many years of self neglect utilizing temporary escapes of food to soothe emotional pain from a lot of circumstances that were far from her control.


Today Jade is down nearly 60lbs and we continue her journey to self love and continuing to get up when past habits of emotional eating creep up.

Spiraling Emotional Eating

Jade had deep emotional torment and emotional eating was her comfort that allowed her to find release…little did she know that comfort zone was constantly keeping her In the dark of guilt and shame.

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The Solution

  • Jades Home life created obstacles of “junk food” that were easy to binge on whether she was bored or emotional.
    Setting up Jade with quick 4 ingredient meals that targeted her cravings accompanied by meal timings allowed her to combat those times she would normally give in.

  • Her weekend were filled with different plans and this was typically her Achilles heal.

    Every Thursday I put together the weekend plans and meals around her schedules and her cravings. (This I do for all clients, so was a perfect fit to enhance her weekends).

  • Emotional eating was her go to for many years, and this typically led to incredible guilt and shame that led to more bingeing and spiraling her much more than one moment of weakness.

We have worked tirelessly together with emotional support that had allowed her to feel no judgment and to release that guilt and shame quickly. What Jade has learned beyond the victories she had made is that these habits are deep rooted. They will continue to creep up, and for her to identify those quickly and reach out for accountability has given her an extra tool in her arsenal.

  • Failed Gastic Surgery created issues with appetite and adherence.

Having prior experience with failed gastric bypasses and bariatric clients, making sure food quantities not only satisfied but gave Kirk the adequate micronutrients was crucial.

Josh is learning there is no shortcut to sustainable change and this time around is making not a single excuse!

  • Josh’s deeper why
As we continue over 100 lbs down Josh has been far from perfect but the deeper he continues to remember his real “Why”, the more Josh is able to get right back up and “Fail Forward”!


Hungry for Change?

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