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Jessica: Weight Loss JOURNEY As an ER Nurse

Jessica, a busy ER Nurse reached out in hopes to find a plan that would work around her constantly changing schedules. She was struggling at 224lbs and trying to figure out how to lose the weight.
Standing today at 184 lbs she knows exactly what works for her!

Working Nights and Fear of Failure

Jessica’s constant fear of failure held her back from taking chances on things she cared about and wanted most in life.

When it came to her health journey, this was one thing that she continued to fail at and finally just settled for mediocre.


The Solution

  • She worked nights and sometimes multiple days back to back
We worked to find solutions where her meal timings could be flexible and also found meals that were easy to put together.
  • Her Achilles heel was her sweet tooth.
We set up Sweet tooth alternatives that satisfied her so she never felt she was “dieting”.
  • Showing Jessica that the key to any journey was “failing forward”.
As she takes two steps forward, falling down one —as long as she got right back up— she was still a step ahead. This broke her fear of failing and her constant search for perfection.


Hungry for Change?

Hands-On Guidance has saved countless lives from the depths of addiction, obesity, poor lifestyles and helped each one carve out a sustainable and optimal health lifestyle.

Sustainable Weight Loss Program