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Kristy: Fighting Yo-Yo Dieting and Emotional Eating

After losing 40 lbs, Kristy found herself stuck in a yo-yo cycle that she couldn’t seem to break. Her current weight was 197 lbs. She wanted help, but because she had lost it already on her own she didn’t know if she could submit control.

However, she knew that it was her last resort or she would never break the yo-yo.

Kristy is in the best shape of her life today maintaining 160-163 lbs.

Struggle With Emotional Eating

Kristy had struggled with emotional eating for a very long time. With a Mom who had an “unfair diagnosis,” her emotional escape and comfort was always the food. 

What she failed to realize is no temporary escape would ever change the circumstances.


The Solution

  • Emotional eating for 1 hour would turn to 24 hours or a couple of days.
We worked through constant communication to identify when she was emotionally eating vs. physically hungry. Emotional eating became less and less.
  • Kristy was allergic to soy which is basically in most products.
We found solutions for easy meals, that hit her taste buds but worked around the soy allergy.
  • Eating was her temporary release from life’s circumstances whether she was sorrowful or celebrating.
Kristy learned to build a pleasure to how good it felt to find other positive releases vs. how poorly she felt when she was falling back to habits of the past.
This identification was an important part of her weight loss and emotional fortitude.


Hungry for Change?

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