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Melissa: Leveling Up With Diabetes and Hypothyroidism

At 175 lbs Melissa wanted to change the way she had let type 1 dIabetes dictate her health. Alongside the diabetes, she had a hypo thyroid condition and seem impossible to lose the weight. Knowing my work with similar health aIlments she reached out for help.
Today Melissa is proud of success at her goal weight of 155 lbs!

Diabetes and Hectic Schedules

Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes dictated Melissa’s health from a young age. With a non functional pancreas— out of her control—she used it as her “excuse” to lack self control. This “excuse” led to continued poor A1C panels and she was desperate to turn this around.

The Solution

  • Type 1 Diabetes and health ailments.
Working with Type 1 and type 2 diabetics every meal has to be put together in a sensitive and calculated manner because. The wrong calculations could be the reason for severe health challenges. We worked closely to insure what was happening to her blood sugars before and after every meal until we found the perfect balance of carbs.
  • Working as a nurse by profession made Melissa’s meal timings difficult. These regular timings typically led to her skipping meals followed by overeating later.
We worked in specific meals that were easy to grab on the go and she learned exactly how to maneuver the days that she under-ate due to hectic work schedules.
  • Progress over Perfection.
Showing Melissa that the key to any journey was “failing forward”. This means that as she takes two steps forward, falling down one—as long as she got right back up— she was still a step ahead.
This broke her fear of failing and her search for perfection.


Hungry for Change?

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