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Wyatt: Overcoming Teenage Obesity

Wyatt, 260 lbs at 16 years old had been a product of his environment. Between fast food options and home life the weight continued to climb and he knew as he stepped the new year at Highschool he wanted to lose the weight.
Today Wyatt is down 60lbs and we continue his journey to losing the rest of this weight all while he pursues his passion for MMA and other athletics!

Circumstances and Food Choices

Wyatt, being a teen ages did not have much control over what he was eating. He lacked the knowledge of what “eating healthy” was beyond salads and the stereotypical diets he was privy to.

  1. Wyatts home life enabled poor choices when it came to his food. Working in harmony with his mother, we crafted meals that were budget friendly with minimal prep time. This was a team effort and has added a support system for Wyatt to lose this weight.
  2. Being a Highschooler, there was constant fast food runs and time spent with friends.

The Solution

Working hands on with any menu or option he had through the process showed Wyatt how to win outside of just the weekly meal plan structure.
  • Constant workouts with MMA, HS sports and other extra curricular activities could have made it an issue with Wyatt’s hunger levels and energy levels.
We have identified the exact structure that works for Wyatt to fuel all his activities, which also allowed him to recover well. Taking into account hunger energy and digestion is my main priorities and I believe once you get that down, adherence to the plans is easier and then the scale number follows suit!


Hungry for Change?

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