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Randy: Life or Death

A ‘672 lbs’ Weight Loss Journey of Hope and Determination

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Imagine being over 650 lbs. You are on your weight loss journey; lost over a 100 lbs so far – now you have over 300 lbs more to lose.

How does one stay motivated? How does one stay driven?

You go from a 10x shirt to a 6x short; you got some being completely immobile to going out with friends on a night out.

“I’m gonna die right here…”

When Randy approached me to be his coach and help him attain Optimal Health – he was desperate, really desperate for change. It was life or death for Randy.

First time we spoke, Randy told me, “I weigh 650+ lbs; I probably have a couple years to live. So I’m gonna board myself up in this house and I’m gonna die right here….”.

Fighting Emotional and Binge Eating

As we began working together, it was important to guide and motivate Randy to stay with the plan and not waiver.

Randy had to fight from falling into emotional spirals and binge eating. There were days of over-eating, then under-eating next couple of days because of the guilt, and then again, overeat the following day.

Transparency and Support System

I was committed to providing Randy with all the emotional support he needed. Through transparency and accountability, Randy was able to approach me for the support whenever he needed and it began to show results.

Randy needed someone in his ‘corner’ to identify with the emotional struggles that come with weight loss and weight gain.

Learn more about Guidance-on-the-Go and other methods Randy utilized on his Weight Loss Journey.

5 Years Sober

Randy is sober for 5 years and that was something I constantly reminded him – if he was strong enough to beat his addiction to alcohol, he was strong enough to beat ANY challenge. It was important to reinforce Randy’s self confidence through consistency and setting realistic expectations.

Being strategic and maintaining the focus to overcome bad eating habits were key to his success.

Staying Intentional with Guidance-on-the-Go

Randy likes to eat out and he followed the strategy to ask me the best options from restaurant menus that helped him stay with the plan. Over time, he has learned to apply many of the nutrition options on his own. This was an important phase in his journey as Randy began to believe in the goal and himself – that this was possible. He could beat this. He will.

Im grateful and honored to be part of this journey with Randy. Learning about one self and applying different strategies are crucial to Weight Loss and attaining Optimal Health. With the right nutrition and support, it is possible for change, possible to break the chains and free yourself from the pain and hurt and shame.


Hungry for Change?

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